Our selection of ready-to-serve sauces in packets and jars are fit for every purpose, from barbecues and gourmet dishes to serving restaurants and bars.

All of our sauces are made with 100% top quality Italian tomatoes and enriched with expertly chosen herbs and natural ingredients.


Sauces in packets

Ready-made, single portion packets perfect for popping out any time for a quick meal or at the table. Opaque plastic for light protection, with reduced, environmentally friendly packaging.

Different flavours available, including basil, garlic, vegetarian and chilli sauce.


Bio & Vegan sauces

Ready-to-serve sauces with fully organic and vegan ingredients, made with vegetables and intensely flavoured spices. Different varieties available in boxes for easy serving.

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Made by

Easy Montali is a century-old Italian sauce manufacturing company, combining traditional recipes with innovative taste. Industrie Montali guarantee premium-quality tomato sauces free from preservatives or food colourants, in addition to hygienic and biodegredable packaging that keeps sauces safe and fresh.

Imported and distributed by

4Quality is an importer of Italian food in London and the UK with an eye for top quality products that have already seen success in their local area. We work in support of family-run businesses - and in fact are one ourselves. All of our foods are rigorously picked so ensure we provide stores with the best that Italy has to offer.